stdClass Object
    [Name] => iPrint
    [Description] => This add-in allows to print all or part of the drawings attached to the assembly's model.
The software allows to print drawings in differet format (A4, A3 etc.) and send them to different printers or plotter.
    [LicenceType] => MonthlySubcrition
    [Cost] => 10
    [VideoLink] => 
    [DownloadLink] => https://www.dnsistemi.com/download/iPrint%

What’s iPrint?

iPrint is an add-in that allows you to significantly speed up and simplify all printing processes.

Classic printing takes a long time since the drawings must be opened one at a time, the printers must be set up and then the print must be launched.

All these long and tedious operations are completely abolished with iPrint as the program itself takes care of doing all the operations for you.

With this add-in you can print all or part of the drawings linked to the assembly models. The system foresees to be able to print drawings of different formats (A4, A3 etc.) and send them to the respective printers.

What are the other features of iPrint?

The software allows you to perform partial prints, giving you the possibility to select the single documents or sheets you want to print.

The use of the add-in is extremely simple and intuitive, you just need to open the assembly from which you want to start and click on the print button.

The add-in shows the entire hierarchy of documents and allows you to decide which documents to print and which not.

The capabilities of iPrint are not limited to printing. It’s also possible to define the order in which the drawings will be printed, for example in alphabetical order, list order, and so on.

Last but certainly not least, iPrint allows you to insert the quantity of components directly into the drawing. The quantity is calculated before printing, is added only for the time needed and then removed. To use this function it is not necessary to have any predispositions on the drawing, but it is sufficient to enable the function.

How can I get started with iPrint?

Download iPrint and try it for free for 14 days, you don’t need to enter any payment methods.

You can subscribe for only € 10.00 per month, but your savings in terms of time and resources will be worth much more!

Each application is simple to use, can be activated with a floating license, and is subject to free updates.

No constraints and reduced costs to optimize business management expenses.

Contact us for any doubt or question, we are at your disposal.

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Bonetto Automazioni

“Thanks to the use of the iPrint extension, we have stopped printing from the copy shop and now one person alone performs all the prints on behalf of 13 designers, taking just a few minutes.”

Davide La Cava

“Fantastic addin, finally an automatic print that really works! I solved a lot of problems, thanks, great job!”

My Custom Systems

“Very useful add-in, I tried it today and I’m surprised from it simplicity. Now I can print all drawings with 1 click!”

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