Are you a design professional? Would you like to optimize your daily work, saving time in managing your tasks?

Do you work in a Technical Office and need advice on the use of your cad software?

Would you like to deepen all the features of your programs such as Inventor and SolidWorks, to be able to work better?

We specialize in solutions dedicated to the world of industrial design. Our solutions are aimed at all design professionals, for support and better functionality of your CAD software.

Software Creation

We develop add-ins, mainly for Inventor and SolidWorks, ranging from the creation of standard products to the creation of custom add-ins or software.


We provide professional advice relating to the world of industrial technical design, we support the technical offices in the use of cad programs.

Training courses

We do highly specialized training courses, mainly for Inventor and SolidWorks, available both in person and remotely.

We create customized programs suitable for solving specific problems. We develop custom add-ins and software ranging from data management to “automatic” modeling.

Starting from the specific needs of each customer, we design our customized software, evaluating the actual needs and thus providing the necessary tools to reduce the designer’s workload, thus obtaining enormous time savings.

Among the many developments, we mention the design of the system to create FlexLink tapes, using a simple 3D draft as a guide.

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We make integrations with different management systems. We collaborate with various management system software houses that we integrate through specific add-ins.

Unlike many of our competitors, our integration is not based on PDM (Vault for example) but is directly written in an Add-in Inventor.

The integration guides the designer through all the steps necessary to make the documents compliant with the management system.

Those who use the PDM have an advantage: when data is sent to the management system, documents and operations are also archived within the PDM. We have already integrated several management systems using Vault Basic, without therefore adding additional expenses to our customers.

We conduct professional training courses related to the use of Inventor and Vault, for our customers and on behalf of training institutes.

The training courses allow you to acquire highly specific skills and thus optimize work processes.

All courses are available both face-to-face and remotely.

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Thanks to our deep knowledge of Inventor we are able to develop libraries and content centers.

It is also possible to manipulate both libraries and content centers through our software, like for example the integrations towards management systems.

Given our long experience in the design sector and numerous collaborations with partner companies and customers, we are able to offer highly specialized consultancy:

  • Improved management in the use of your software 
  • Guide to optimizing all the features of your program
  • Support with data flow management
  • Optimization of drawing production times

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