stdClass Object
    [Name] => iDrawingsChecker
    [Description] => This add-in allows to check if the drawing's models exist and to check if the drawing contains errors.
The add-in searches the drawing for each model in the assembly.
    [LicenceType] => MonthlySubcrition
    [Cost] => 6
    [VideoLink] => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fv2IUiy-9_E
    [DownloadLink] => https://www.dnsistemi.com/download/iDrawingsChecker%

What’s iDrawingsChecker?

This add-in allows, with just 1 click, to verify the existence and correctness of the drawings linked to the various models contained in an assembly.

What are the features of iDrawingsChecker?

Thanks to iDrawingsChecker it’s possible to:

• Check for drawings
• Check for errors such as dissociated shares, and so on
• See the status of errors in real time.

How can I get started with iDrawingsChecker?

Download iDrawingsChecker and try it for free for 14 days, you don’t need to enter any payment methods.

You can subscribe for only € 6.00 per month, but your savings in terms of time and resources will be worth much more!

Each application is simple to use, can be activated with a floating license, and is subject to free updates.

No constraints and reduced costs to optimize business management expenses.

Contact us for any doubt or question, we are at your disposal.

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