stdClass Object
    [Name] => iCopy
    [Description] => This add-in allows to copy a mondel (assembly or part) and its attached documents (drawing and presentation).
In addition it allows to replace the model's occurrences in a target assembly and its subassemblies.
    [LicenceType] => MonthlySubcrition
    [Cost] => 6
    [VideoLink] => 
    [DownloadLink] => https://www.dnsistemi.com/download/iCopy%

What’s iCopy?

This add-in drastically reduces the time used for copying and replacing models, leaving more time and less stress for the designer.

During modeling you have to work starting from old projects very often, and therefore you have to replace models with new ones.

This is a very common problem and it creates many inconveniences, just think about the fact that the models also have drawings and exploded views, so if we wanted to make a copy of everything we would have to rely on rather slow and cumbersome project copy procedures.

iCopy takes exactly care of that, it completely eliminates all these unnecessary and complex steps.

What are the features of iCopy?

You can copy a document with the “Save as” function and then bring along the drawing and the exploded view with a simple click.

You will find the “Copy and replace” function even more useful: when an assembly is active, it allows you to make a copy of the selected model with relative documentation, it shows all the instances of the model within the assembly and of all the sublevels, allowing you to make a full replacement of each desired instance.

How can I get started with iCopy?

Download iCopy and try it for free for 14 days, you don’t need to enter any payment methods.

You can subscribe for only € 6.00 per month, but your savings in terms of time and resources will be worth much more!

Each application is simple to use, can be activated with a floating license, and is subject to free updates.

No constraints and reduced costs to optimize business management expenses.

Contact us for any doubt or question, we are at your disposal.

You can also find us on AUTODESK!

Bonetto Automazioni

“iCopy has been used by all of our designers, who have stopped using cumbersome systems like the design assistant, ‘copy Vault project’ or making manual copies. Now they do the copy with only one click, taking about 30 seconds.”

Ditec Engineering

“A great help! It allows you to make copies of parts or assemblies with their tables, without wasting time associating them.”

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