stdClass Object
    [Name] => iConvert
    [Description] => This add-in allows to convert the drawings to PDF and DWG starting from a single assembly.
The conversion can be performed for all or a part of the drawings and allows do save the output format in different location in Windows.
    [LicenceType] => MonthlySubcrition
    [Cost] => 10
    [VideoLink] => 
    [DownloadLink] => https://www.dnsistemi.com/download/iConvert%

What’s iConvert?

Before iConvert, exporting drawings to DWG and PDF formats has always been a very long and complex process. There are tools that allow you to do these operations, but you need to prepare documents in specific folders or by making long selections.

iConvert allows you to export all drawings with a simple click of the mouse, removing all superfluous and useless operations.

iConvert is available when an assembly is active, from here it is sufficient to click on the “Convert drawings” button which shows the conversion window.

What are the features of iConvert?

The simple and intuitive graphic interface allows you to immediately understand what to do to achieve your goal.

In addition to the fast export of drawings in different formats, iConvert offers several possibilities to obtain a work ready to be sent to customers/suppliers.

It’s possible to choose the export criteria of the drawings, the position, and above all you can add the quantity of the various details directly in the title block and/or in the name of the output file.

Thanks to this add-in, you no longer need to use different programs to search for designs, collect them and then convert them. Finally, you can save time and be sure to keep all the correct information!

How can I get started with iConvert?

Download iConvert and try it for free for 14 days, you don’t need to enter any payment methods.

You can subscribe for only € 10.00 per month, but your savings in terms of time and resources will be worth much more!

Each application is simple to use, can be activated with a floating license, and is subject to free updates.

No constraints and reduced costs to optimize business management expenses.

Contact us for any doubt or question, we are at your disposal.

You can also find us on AUTODESK!

Ditec Engineering

“Great tool! iConvert is a fantastic tool that helps you save the time of the manual conversion of tables to dwg and pdf.”

Bonetto Automazioni

“Before using iConvert, we weren’t able to do all the conversions, but now we can easily create all the conversions in pdf, dwg, and so on to deliver the technical documentation to the customer.”

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